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My Résumé and Interests

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Shane Hardisty

8985 S. Durango Dr. Las Vegas, Nevada


I am currently a prospective transfer student to UVU or BYU. I am majoring in Information System. One year of experience as an Account Executive/Project Manager at Soapbox Agency (


I am shooting for a future position as a project manager in an advertising agency. Being an effective project manager within an advertising agency (or any type of creative agency) from start to finish of multiple projects are desired skills I want to develop. Working personally with clients from the start and maintaining a healthy relationship throughout future projects as an Account Executive are also desired skills I want to develop. I hope to achieve the position of Traffic Manager in a Advertising Agency in the future. I have skills and experience in working as both a Project Manager and an Account Executive at the same time on multiple projects.


Windsor High School High School Diploma High School Graduate with Diploma. Windsor, California Graduated August 2008 Brigham Young University - Idaho University, Associates Degree, General Rexburg, Idaho

Employment History

Soapbox Agency Rexburg, Idaho Senior Account Executive / Project Manager January 2015 - December 2015 One year of experience as an Account Executive / Project Manager at Soapbox Agency ( Projects I was in charge of:
  1. Promotional Videos
  2. Social Media Campaigns
  3. Company Logo creation
  4. Posters
  5. Brochures
  6. Direct Mail pieces
  7. Promotional booklets

Hobbies and Interests

I love producing music videos for my Brother’s music project "The Defining Moments Project." My videos are available on his YouTube channel titled: Danny Hardisty. Filming and editing video are big interests of mine along with producing original music. I have extensive experience working with Adobe Premiere. I also have basic experience working with Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, and InDesign. Another personal project I worked on while at school was Lounge Around Live (putting on private live concerts with friends). We made a Facebook page and a website ( along with videos featuring the individual artists.

Professional Skills

Project Managment: Advanced Client Relations: Advanced Video Production : Advanced Concept / Content Creation: Advanced Adobe Premiere : Advanced Adobe InDesign: Intermediate Adobe Illustrator: Intermediate


Spanish: Fluent


  • Andrew Murdoch
  • Co-Worker Traffic Manager and my supervisor at Soapbox Agency Soapbox Agency ****
  • Rachel Kanahele
  • Co-Worker Creative Director / Art Director at Soapbox Agency Soapbox Agency ****
  • Jay Valle
  • Co-Worker Creative Director at Soapox Agency Soapbox Agency ****
  • Miles Blaine
  • Co-Worker Senior Account Executive at Soapbox Agency ****